BREAKING NEWS: Comelec Chairman Bautista confirmed VERY BIG POSSIBLE WIN for BBM! This Sunday, they will finalize the RESULT!!! SPREAD THE NEWS! SHARE!!! SHARE!!! SHARE!!!


An ambush interview conducted by TV 5 a few minutes ago had Comelec Chairman Bautista hint on a possible win for Bongbong Marcos as they draw to close the manual canvassing on the VP elections for more than 2 weeks now. Bautista said that they will finalize the result this Sunday. But it already looks very promising for Marcos since he said the manual tally observed a four hundred thousand plus (400,000++) leading votes over Robredo. He further said, there is only 500,000 more votes to be manually counted but the future is already brighter with BBM. This came as a shocking news since Bautista has always shown bias to Robredo, being that it was President Noy Aquino who assigned him in his current position as Chairman in Comelec. Further details will be provided on Sunday, when Comelec announces the final tally.


SHOCKING NEWS: Another video of Baron Geisler on a BEAST MODE PUNCHING and CURSING his co-workers who are students! Tsk!

Old habits never really die. That's what baron Geisler is proving to the world. Is he still on drugs or alcohol or both? It seems like there was a little misunderstanding here. Apparently, Baron was contracted to do a part in an editorial design campaign for a school prod. It was Khalil Versoza's team who hired him. They are current students studying Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman. The team had a problem with the script and production and profusely asked Baron forgiveness because of him. But Baron got irked and flared up suddenly like a total bitch without even understanding the real situation. See the screenshot of the Facebook post by the aggrieved party and the full video! 
Baron is so disappointing!
He is a great actor but he needs to get his shit together!


BREAKING NEWS! May 15, 2016 4:30PM It's OVER! Bongbong Wins Vice Presidency! 14,112,120 VOTES!!!

CNN will be corroborating this breaking news at 11PM news later tonight. Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista announced a few minutes ago to the media that their final vote count ended an hour ago and they have finalized BONGBONG's FULL VICTORY over close contender from the LP party, Leni Robredo. The count included the total overseas vote count. The total number of votes for Marcos is 14,112,120 versus Leni's vote count of 14,058,877.
Leni Robredo's camp has yet to comment. 

What do you think of the results?
Are you satisfied?
Are you happy?
Are you angry?
Will Robredo ask for a recount?


We heard from the grapevine that a love team tandem is pregnant with already 2 months on the way. The managers and network executives of the love team just learned about it very recently because the love team did not know what to do about it at the time. They were, of course, very worried what their fans will think. They know that this will be detrimental to their careers. All five of these women are on the peak of their careers. Nadine and James have just shown their movies. Maine and Alden are making their first movie as main cast. Kathryn and Daniel have recently relaxed after campaigning for Mar Roxas. Liza and Enrique are busy with their teleserye Dolce Amore. And Kim and Xian are planning to do a movie or a teleserye. This is not yet confirmed, but we think it's Liza Soberano. She has been really irritable lately and gaining a few pounds, too. Let's just wait and see, shall we? Who is your best guess? Drop a comment below!

SHOCKING NEWS: ABS-CBN to DORIS BIGORNIA: You are fired! BIGORNIA FIRED BACK: Mga wala kayong kwenta! TV 5 wants to HIRE her!

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs immediately had a closed door meeting with Doris Bigornia following a viral open letter posted on Facebook by a certain John Paul Seniel, a GMA 7 Regional news reporter. In the open letter, John recalled the incident when he was reporting live for 24 Oras. Bigornia apparently acted unprofessionally like a bitch while John was trying to interview Bong Go live for that segment with 24 Oras in GMA 7. Bigornia was heard saying, "Sapakin kita dyan, eh!" to Bong Go. Go, is Rody Duterte's bodyguard and confidant.

Doris was asked to the meeting with the execs from ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. Doris, however, for her part, went berserk and was furious why she was asked to the meeting. She further said that she does not have to explain her actions because she was doing what she thought was professional at that time. The execs were not pleased with Doris' ill behavior and rude answer so she was told to her face that she is fired there and then. Doris, stormed off the conference room shouting at the top of her lungs that she can work anywhere she wants because she is a good reporter. It was later found out that TV 5 has been hounding her for a few months now and giving her a very handsome offer. See the screenshot of John Paul Seniel's open letter.


Mondelēz International, the confectionery company that owned the very popular chocolate brand, announced earlier today that they will be halting production of Toblerone. This news came after years of losses due to the competitive market and newer chocolate brands in the industry. Several millions of dollars were lost at the end of 2015 that prompted the company to close the factories that produce the chocolate brand. This will come as a shock to die-hard fans of Toblerone, which was first produced in the early 1900's. Mondelēz International further disclosed that it will venture and tap other markets in the world like retail and real estate.

BREAKING NEWS: LENI ROBREDO emerged as the TRUE WINNER in the LAST and FINAL counting of votes! See her number of votes versus BBM now!!!

Leni Robredo, LP's candidate for Vice President, emerged as the TRUE WINNER! Her imminet win was just confirmed and announced a few minutes ago. Her 13,995,455 votes lorded over BBM's 13,736,211 after the last and final counting. Leni told reporters from an ambush interview that she knew God is with her and for her so never worried about losing to BBM. She further stated and dispelled rumors that it would be difficult to work with Rody Duterte. In a jest, she even asked netizens to hashtag Change is Coming for Daang Matuwid. That's ChangeIsComingForDaangMatuwid!

What do you think about Leni's statement? Is she truthful? Go ahead and SHARE this post with the proper hashtag. 


SHOCKING NEWS: 65 PICS proving that Vote Buying is very RAMPANT in ALL PARTS of the PHILIPPINES! Share this post until THIS REACHES DUTERTE!

NETIZENS all over the Philippines took to Twitter and Facebook and posted pics of their received cash and some sardine cans as part of the widespread VOTE BUYING in the 2016 Elections. Check the pics and see which candidate spent loads of cash to buy votes from Filipino Voters. From the looks of it, it seems that Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo are the biggest VOTE BUYERS! What we heard from the grapevine, the total expenses of their vote buying spree rang up to 2 billion pesos more or less. Isn't that amazing? That much money came from where? From their own pockets? From their supporters? Doesn't it make you wonder?

Please COMMENT your own pics or vids of VOTE BUYING.

OR IF IT NEEDS TO CONTINUE or if it is just too funny!



BREAKING NEWS: BONGBONG MARCOS is the winner with 13,625,258 VOTES! Final Result of Vice Presidential Race is out!

Bongbong has previously asked Comelec to stop unofficial count of the ballots for the VP race. Last night, his margin against Leni Robredo was more than a million votes. Earlier today, the polls sang a different tune. Robredo gained a million plus votes to overtake Marcos' lead. A few hour ago, they were neck to neck at only a 100,000 vote lead for Robredo. But Comelec did not take heed of BBM's request and continued with the count. A few hundred of ballot boxes were still unopened. Later on, it was revealed that BBM won the race at 13,625,258 votes for Marcos and only 13,488,745 for Robredo!

Make your Momma and Poppa proud!

BREAKING NEWS: Leni Robredo will IMMEDIATELY resign after the OATH-TAKING of DUTERTE as President!

Towards the end of the campaign period, the media has been relentlessly asking VP candidate Leni Robredo if she is okay in working with Duterte if he becomes President. Leni has expressed in an interview that she is not keen to the idea of working with Duterte if he wins the Presidential election.
Moreover, she stated that she will immediately resign if he does win. At an ambush interview last night, Leni was still quoted as saying she will resign immediately after the oath-taking of Duterte. She further says that if she does not, then she becomes a LIAR.
So, what do you think about this folks?
Will she really resign or eat her words and try to work with Duterte because it seems that
only an OBVIOUS CHEATING FRAUD will turn the votes around and make Mar the winning candidate. Duterte is currently more than 6 million votes ahead of the second placer, which is Mar Roxas, who, until now has not conceded. Poe and Binay already issued their speech conceding to Duterte's inevitable win.

Check out Leni's statements below.

If you think Leni should be true to her words, share this post with #ResignLeniRobredo

BREAKING NEWS: Partial, unofficial results of Halalan 2016 from ABS-CBN! SHARE THIS POST!

Check out the partial and unofficial results of the 2016 Presidential elections
brought to us by ABS-CBN.
I hope their figures are accurate.
I hope they are no longer bias in reporting news.
I will ask my 10,000 friends and family member to boycott them if 
their reporting becomes bias.





Mabuti pa ang Google, may paki sa eleksyon dito sa Pilipinas ngayong araw na ito.
Eh, ikaw? May paki ka ba?

Kung meron, please share this post so the proper process can be followed in case hindi tugma ang resibo sa balota. Ibig sabihin, if you voted for Roxas, but ang lumabas si Duterte, kelangan mo itong i-report agad. Please see the steps below:


1. Pag natanggap na ang balota, kopyahin ang BALLOT ID number na matatagpuan sa pinakataas at kanang bahagi ng balota. Isulat ang BALLOT ID number sa inyong kamay o sa isang maliit na piraso ng papel. Iwasang sulatan ang gilid ng balota.

2. Markahan ng maigi ang loob ng bilog na tugma sa ibobotong kandidato. Kapag kumpleto na ang balota, magtungo sa VCM scanner. Ipasok ang balota sa VCM scanner at maghintay hanggang lumabas ang resibo. Kung hindi tayo sigurado paano ipasok ang balota sa VCM scanner, magpatulong po tayo ngunit HUWAG hayaang iba ang gumawa nito para sa iyo. Ikaw mismo dapat ang magpasok ng balota sa scanner.

3. Kapag natanggap na ang resibo, umalis sa harapan ng scanner para magbigay daan sa ibang botante. Suriing mabuti ang resibo. Kung tugma ito sa balota mo, ihulog ang resibo sa nakaabang na kahon. Tandaan, hindi maaaring iuwi o ilabas ng presinto ang resibo.

Dahil hindi lahat may Internet, gawin natin ito bilang ATING MISYON at ATING TUNGKULIN sa darating na eleksyon.

1. Maaga tayong pumunta sa mga presinto.

2. I-inform lahat ang naka linya sa presinto tungkol sa RESIBO. Pagsabihan natin sila kung ano ang mga dapat gawin kung hindi tugma ang balota sa resibo.

Kung may mga irregularities, harassment, o attack sa ating mga supporters,
Just Text: ALERT<space>CONCERN<space>LOCATION and send to any of the following mobile #. 09172067369 / 09499027296


For hotlines if ever na may dayaan. Duterte and Cayetano set up numbers to call or text
Duterte/Cayetano hotline

LUZON - (0947) 998-1060 up to 64
VISAYAS -(0947) 998-1056 up to 59
MINDANAO - (0947) 998-1052 up tp 55

BREAKING NEWS: Shocking! Mar Roxas called Grace Poe crying begging her to step down and then Noy Aquino butted in!

Senator Grace Poe talked to a few members from the media early morning today and disclosed a shocking information that Mar Roxas called her a few minutes before midnight of May 7, 2016, after she attended her own Miting de Avance. It was her assistant who told her that Mar Roxas was on the line and asked for her. Poe said Mar's voice was already breaking when she talked to him. She further told the media that Roxas did not mince words and went straight to the point asking her to step down and endorse him. He promised her she will get 100% full support for the next Presidential elections. When Grace curtly said no, she said Mar choked in her tears and handed the phone to Pnoy. From then, Grace was already furious but still politely declined to talk to the present President of the Republic of the Philippines. She asked her assistant to immediately bar the number used and told her to schedule a mini-conference by 1 A.M. Only 12 reporters from the media were reached and heard her story. Roxas' camp has yet to confirm and comment.

THE PRESIDENTIABLES' MAY 7 RALLY in NUMBERS! Are these numbers factual? Is this the end of DUTERTE?

Today, May 7, 2016, the four strong Presidentiables, namely, Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Rody Duterte and Jojo Binay showed up in their respective venues for their last hurrah in the Miting de avance!
If the number of attendees for each Presidentiable is accurate, it seems that Roxas' supporters were the strongest in number and Binay the weakest. It looks as though Rody Duterte's supporters were not really that much, as reports show. Is this the end of the foul-mouthed berdugo mayor of Davao?
Are these numbers ACCURATE?
Tell us what you think and post your comments!
WHO WILL YOU VOTE for this coming May 9 elections?

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