BREAKING NEWS: FIND OUT why RODY DUTERTE invited BBM as one of his VIP GUESTS tomorrow in his INAUGURATION!! And LENI is not invited!

As early as two days ago, rumors are rife that one of incoming President Rody Duterte's VIP guests would be Bongbong Marcos and probably his mother, Imelda Marcos, too. This came as a red flag for most of Duterte's advisers due to the sensitivities of the current political atmosphere. If Duterte was to be followed, he would surely place BBM in his administration as early as now. However, due to the technicalities, BBM can only assume a government post no later that next year. BBM may have lost the race for the VP seat, but this certainly is his retribution. The media will definitely have a field day tomorrow. This is for certain. As for Leni Robredo, no word has been spread around that she is invited. Leni, on her part, is not keen on being invited, either. So I guess all is well in both parties.