Manny Pacquiao is the PHILIPPINES TOP TAXPAYER of the YEAR. How much did he pay? And how much did he still owe the BIR from 2008 to 2009? YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!! Check the FIGURES below! OA di ba? Grabe naman!!! =============> SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!!

According to the list of top individual tax-payers for 2015 posted
 on the Bureau of Internal Revenue website, MANNY PACQUIAO, the Pambansang Kamao, tops that list with 163.84 million pesos  ($3.72 million) in taxes paid. Oh, di ba wow? Hahaha!
But here's more eye-popping: according to BIR, Pacman still owes them at least 2.2 billion pesos in unpaid taxes for 2008 and 2009. The case is still pending and awaiting a judgment. Oh, di ba mas bongga? You would think that, Manny's  taxes alone can feed at least a million of Filipinos for one year, right? Add all those taxes from other taxpayers, from the bottom to the top and you can't help but ask, "Where did all that money go?" Itanong mo 'yan sa mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan! Hahaha!
So, what can you say, Manney? Show me the moneyyyy! LOLZ!


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