BREAKING NEWS: Shocking! Mar Roxas called Grace Poe crying begging her to step down and then Noy Aquino butted in!

Senator Grace Poe talked to a few members from the media early morning today and disclosed a shocking information that Mar Roxas called her a few minutes before midnight of May 7, 2016, after she attended her own Miting de Avance. It was her assistant who told her that Mar Roxas was on the line and asked for her. Poe said Mar's voice was already breaking when she talked to him. She further told the media that Roxas did not mince words and went straight to the point asking her to step down and endorse him. He promised her she will get 100% full support for the next Presidential elections. When Grace curtly said no, she said Mar choked in her tears and handed the phone to Pnoy. From then, Grace was already furious but still politely declined to talk to the present President of the Republic of the Philippines. She asked her assistant to immediately bar the number used and told her to schedule a mini-conference by 1 A.M. Only 12 reporters from the media were reached and heard her story. Roxas' camp has yet to confirm and comment.


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