SHOCKING NEWS: ABS-CBN to DORIS BIGORNIA: You are fired! BIGORNIA FIRED BACK: Mga wala kayong kwenta! TV 5 wants to HIRE her!

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs immediately had a closed door meeting with Doris Bigornia following a viral open letter posted on Facebook by a certain John Paul Seniel, a GMA 7 Regional news reporter. In the open letter, John recalled the incident when he was reporting live for 24 Oras. Bigornia apparently acted unprofessionally like a bitch while John was trying to interview Bong Go live for that segment with 24 Oras in GMA 7. Bigornia was heard saying, "Sapakin kita dyan, eh!" to Bong Go. Go, is Rody Duterte's bodyguard and confidant.

Doris was asked to the meeting with the execs from ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs. Doris, however, for her part, went berserk and was furious why she was asked to the meeting. She further said that she does not have to explain her actions because she was doing what she thought was professional at that time. The execs were not pleased with Doris' ill behavior and rude answer so she was told to her face that she is fired there and then. Doris, stormed off the conference room shouting at the top of her lungs that she can work anywhere she wants because she is a good reporter. It was later found out that TV 5 has been hounding her for a few months now and giving her a very handsome offer. See the screenshot of John Paul Seniel's open letter.


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