SHOCKING NEWS: Another video of Baron Geisler on a BEAST MODE PUNCHING and CURSING his co-workers who are students! Tsk!

Old habits never really die. That's what baron Geisler is proving to the world. Is he still on drugs or alcohol or both? It seems like there was a little misunderstanding here. Apparently, Baron was contracted to do a part in an editorial design campaign for a school prod. It was Khalil Versoza's team who hired him. They are current students studying Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman. The team had a problem with the script and production and profusely asked Baron forgiveness because of him. But Baron got irked and flared up suddenly like a total bitch without even understanding the real situation. See the screenshot of the Facebook post by the aggrieved party and the full video! 
Baron is so disappointing!
He is a great actor but he needs to get his shit together!


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